Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eye Colors: How to Apply Eye Shadow for a Bold Look

Everyone loves bold seductive eye colors. Applying eye shadow like a pro can take many tries to perfect, but it's possible to become your own makeup artist with practice. While it's equally important to know what makeup brushes to choose and what is the best eye shadow for the look you're trying to create, having the correct technique really makes all the difference.

Keep reading for more eye shadow tips:

When it comes to eye shadow, remember to choose colors that bring out your eyes. Dull colors that don't make your eyes pop won't have the same beautiful effect.

If you're looking for a bold eye, try wetting your shadow brush before dipping it in the eye shadow. This will intensify the color and allow it to stick.

Bring the drama by using more than one color. Three colors can help to create unforgettable depth. Remember to add lighter colors to the brow bone and the inner corner of the lid. Bold eye colors are all the rage! With New Years right around the corner this is the best time to experiment with sparkles, metallic shades and bright festive colors.

What are your favorite eye colors?