Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Brighten Teeth with Red Lipstick

Lip Color 101 for Teeth Brightening

Did you know that you can make your teeth appear whiter simply by using the right shade of lipstick?

Red lipstick that has blue undertones, like cherry red, will help to offset the appearance of yellow teeth. Who knew that all you need is the right lip color?

Try your hand at a variety of shades to find your perfect match. If you're already a lipstick queen, another way to brighten teeth is by using an at-home system to whiten your teeth. When looking for a formula, find one that has gentle and effective ingredients. If possible, talk to your dentist about other options to whiten your teeth. 


Anonymous said...

That's informative. Definitely useful for our female friends, but what about some tips for guys? LOL