Sunday, June 29, 2008

Deja Vu

While posting my last, I realized what today's date is. June 29th. Exactly three years ago, I was in the same exact place meeting my boyfriend for the first time. Starbucks. I should pay them royalty checks for the sweetheart I met in their cozy cafe.

Three years ago I was fresh out of cosmetology school, bright red highlights adorned my long dark brown hair. I was also fresh out of a car accident with two of my girlfriends. I was driving and hydroplaned into a fishtail that thankfully only injured a guardrail. No prior guy worth a mention and a sensitive but strong time for me. I really think life gives you the most challenges when you are the strongest to handle them. I felt and was very capable.

Accomplishments were my thing. I'd finally graduated high school, and now cosmetology school, with a shiny New Jersey license to prove it, and with the highest score. Wipe that dirt! Next accomplishment on my list was love, something I hadn't found yet. Faith was waning, but I'd always had hope. I tried, dating guys I could just tell they weren't the one. It didn't take long. I just didn't have the butterflies. And then something amazing happened.

Maybe myspace should be getting royalty checks too. Because by some fate he found me. He sent me a very simple message that I almost deleted, fed up with random friend requests and messages from jerks. But I decided to answer out of curiosity. He looked sweet, but there was also something really hot about him. We started messaging and IMing, and I decided that it wouldn't be so crazy if we met. Hence Starbucks.

I scrunched my hair into big jersey girl waves, wore a sexy black top with flattering jeans and black wedges, and asked a friend to drop me off at starbucks. After all, no car. No big. I anxiously took a seat in the cafe by the window waiting for someone to enter and change my life and save me finally. Someone to hopefully change my perception of guys and be my special someone. I knew him when I saw him.

Tall, dark, and handsome. He was wearing a black polo, nice designer jeans, and black shoes. No immature sneakers on this guy. He was put together and I liked that. And we matched! I loved that. He had quite a walk from the parking lot, and I had butterflies. I hadn't even met him yet. This was good. Fuck it, this was great! It was what I was waiting for.

He came in and introduced himself and offered to get me something. I didn't even know what to order. I got what he got. My girlfriend texted me to make sure I wasn't being kidnapped by a psycho, and the last text she got was "He's so hot!" I was leaving and never coming back.

We decided to see a movie to keep things moving. He drove a sporty, black maxima, and everything just seemed so right. He was my Mr. Big. Abso-fucking-lutely.

We saw War of the Worlds, the worst movie of the year. It was kind of awkward sitting there in the dark theater pretending to be interested in such a boring movie with this new guy next to me, but then it happened. Our first kiss. Brought on by him, and given me total surprise. I just made out with this guy in the movies. Oh god. I was scared. I didn't want him to think I was easy.

I went into shy girl mode after the movie and he tells me he was afraid I wasn't going to see him again. In reality I was in such a good, safe place that I was like a little girl. He drove me home and we sat in the rain kissing for hours. We also talked a lot. I learned what a kind and sensitive person he was. His love for family and how we'd both been burned by love before. I knew this was something.

We saw each other everyday since and he asked me to be his girlfriend on his birthday, only a few days later. Today, three years exactly, I am so happy to still be with this guy, my best friend and soul mate. He gave me faith in men and so much more. I know that good guys exist, even through his network of friends, and my advice to any girl out there who feels like I did is this.

Don't give up. Keep believing and just be yourself. It will happen for you and you'll know. Everyone will get their special someone, but you have to know it like you know like you know, and I'll be out there in life sending you the good vibes!


rhea said...

aw i never heard this story, so cute. love u guys