Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks & Friends

Last night my guy and I entertained some guests at his house. We ordered in the best chinese and sushi around and were also equipped with tons of amazing desserts. One of which was home made minty brownies that I baked...mmmm. Made only from the finest ingredients that could be described as scratch! Those bite-size babies were so full of love you couldn't help but take more than one and smile while you devoured it. We even got to see fireworks from right outside, as his neighbor put on quite the show.

It was nice getting to spend some time with everyone in the comfort of home instead of the same old restaurant scene. Sometimes its better to be able to put in work and effort to make something special, instead of just paying off others to do the job for you.

After everyone left we made our own fireworks while our song was being performed on television. We stood up and slow danced in the living room together. It was really a sweet moment that brought us closer and reminded us just how right we are for each other and have been for the past three years!