Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The same sun shines for another day
Giving rest to the watch of the moon on the bay
Hear the crickets sing their nightly song
Wake another day to the light of dawn
Bless their every ebb and the flow of all
May another day, exist to rise and fall
For I long to be part this amazing treasure
Touch the smoothest rock and the tickle of a feather
In the night I wait for the light to grow
Though I bless the stars and their heady glow
To the dew of day then the fog of night
Tis my soul's utmost delight
May you bless each day that your eyes do see
For its gratitude that is the key
Wish a shooting star from the universe
Embrace life as if your last verse
Give love to all and enchant the day
You are most amazing in everyway..