Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wild Thing

Big fat bunnies and a cozy walk on a beautiful trail were two highlights of my day!

I enjoyed traveling to Sparta, NJ to check out some potential new girlfriends for my bunny BC. They were really plump, busty babes, possibly too large and in charge for my little guy. Although he has been known to run up to my cats trying to get some lovin', it was really the help of my boyfriend that kept me from making a spur of the moment decision to just take one home.

We then went out for subs and cruised over to a local park to literally "take a hike." It was so much fun being in nature, hearing the sounds of the forest, and getting some good old exercise. There is a kinship between myself and the earth; It's a virgo thing. Whenever I meditate or imagine myself in an optimal spiritual state, I am laying in a meadow of grass near the forest, entwining my fingers in the thick strong blades of green and feeling the earth's energy going through me. Other times I just see myself barefoot in the autumn woods, stepping near a fresh clear puddle of rainwater. So I loved this excursion a lot...

For dinner I had my favorite sandwich from the local pub, a double steak and cheese combo with sweet potatoe fries, corn nuggets, and onion rings. Real healthy huh?! Sometimes it's so satisfying to splurge.

Tomorrow I plan on making my rounds to a new set of bunnies, getting some more nature time, and just enjoying my day all around. Life is good!