Friday, October 3, 2008

My Thoughts on the Debate

Maybe if Sarah Palin actually answered the questions we'd have had a real debate. Redirecting back to Alaska and the term "Maverick" doesn't mean anything to the American people struggling. How about a wink and smile while telling us something concrete instead of generalizing a reform of Washington. Its obvious that she is just bait and a distraction from the fact that McCain offers the same old thing we've been dealing with, Bush policies. To be honest, I can't even believe that she's gotten this far. Does McCain really think the American people are that stupid, hiding her from the press then rehearsing everything like cramming for a test. She never once looked like she wasn't reading something from the back of her mind that had been memorized. Biden came out strong, courteous, and from the heart. This election isn't only about change; it's about fighting for our nation's intelligence.