Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Monday?

What is it about Mondays that gets my wheels cranking? All weekend I have plans to write, read, and edit... Maybe not in that order but I promise to manage all three. Then the weekend happens, and barely anything gets done. Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday I spent dogsitting for my cousin. A huge home out in the open part of New Jersey where perfect moments of reflection should be going off in flashbulbs of my mind. Just the right choice of wording for my pieces should reveal themselves in the fresh, clear air. And I should feel truly like a capable strong woman on my own and doing what independent types do. Working and getting paid.

But instead I spent the days tiptoeing quickly upstairs from my retro barbie coma in the basement to sneak past uncurtained windows and into the bathroom- only to discover that Aunt Flo stopped by to pay me a Happy Channukah present. There's something just creepy about being alone, especially when you're in someone else's house late at night, and you feel exposed through bare glass walls. Happily I spent my time with two meaty dogs, and quickly became a part of their pack.

Have to go to the office now--- Will finish later, I promise!!