Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I look like a cooked lobster covered in ointment!

There is such a lesson to be learned for my dumb dumb dumb behavior yesterday. I guess I was trying to be like my favorite reality TV star.

Obviously, it wasn't smart to emulate Kim in this way.  For my humiliating pic:

Click the pic for a close up.

It was 90 degrees in April, and I got way too carried away!
It was cloudy and colder than usual at the beach, and I layed out half under a sheet most of the time. I didn't stay too long, from like 10:30-2 (yes prime hours of the sun) I know. Honestly I'd like to kick my own ass for being so dumb and letting myself fry away, but the pain I'm in right now is punishment in and of itself.

From now on, no more dumb beach days... I'm soo not laying out like a chicken tender anymore, and if I am out in the sun I'm covering up the goods. This was a huge wakeup call for me, and I'm not one to overlook life's lessons.
By the way, if you think this picture is bad, you should see my legs!


Lisa Christina said...

aw girl i'm sorry you got so burnt! if it makes you feel any better, i did too. lol. i'm just so used to it as long as it's not on my legs i'm good. it all turns to tan if you treat it right. just don't let it happen all the time! skin cancers noooo good! hope to see you tomorrow and feel better! lots of aloe!!!

vampy_couture said...

HFS you are red my friend! Well done, so to speak.