Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There is No Such Thing as Coincidence

I recently took up a class at the local New Age shop, and we talked about synchronicity and how when the same things keep repeating in life, or just happen in such a "what were the odds" kind of way, usually it's a sign you should probably pay attention to. Nowadays, people are so hell bent on using science to prove everything that we forget about intuition and the role it plays in life.

You know about my friend Ehab either because he was someone you knew personally, or you read my previous post about his passing. Either way, you probably didn't know about the conversations we used to have about life, death, the afterlife, and what it all means. We vibed on a spiritual level.

So the other day I went by myself to visit his body's resting place. I finally found it after getting a little lost on my way to the cemetary and then walking around a big circle. There it was, the proof that sealed the fact. Fresh dirt. Flowers. The name. The birthday. All the clues that told me Yes Sara, it's actually true.

I knelt down by my friend and talked to him. I told him how much I missed him and how I couldn't believe he was gone. I even joked to him about finally figuring out what it all meant and leaving me here in the lurch. After a few minutes I told him about Boston and how I was going to be living just around the corner from where Edgar Allen Poe lived. I thought he'd find that interesting. The last thing I asked was for him to come and hang out with me sometimes and send me a sign so I know he's with me.

Then, for no reason other than fate, a fly with red eyes was sitting on the dirt in front of me. It rubbed its hands together back and forth like it was devising some kind of plan. Something told me to point my index finger close to the fly, so I did. I put my finger right up to the fly's face, and it just sat there looking at me. For a second. Completely catching me off guard, the fly jumped onto my finger, and I immediately jumped too and cracked up.

"I'm gonna take that as my sign E!" I laughed. "Haha thanks for scaring me," I said.

Only Ehab would do something to make me jump and laugh at the same time. I'm positive that I got what I asked for- a sign, and this only confirms to me even more that there is so much more to life than can be simply explained. Some things just are. It's the way the world works. We are all connected whether in, or out, of our temporary vessels.


rik said...

so true

Kateorade said...

omg i was cracking up after reading this. that's ehab all the way haha