Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty Around The World

Tomatoes are a staple food in the United States.  They can be found on sandwiches, in salads, & in gardens across the country.  We make pasta out of them, drink them in vegetable juice, & slurp down their warm soupy form.  

But did you know they could be good for your beauty regimen, too?
Whether you like to call them veggies or fruits, tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin C, which is important for oral health; Vitamin K, which supports healthy bones & the absorption of calcium; and beta-carotene, which gets converted into the nutrient known to help with vision & the immune system, Vitamin A.  This vibrant red food source is also bursting with lycopene, which helps fight cancer, & it's a well-known oil fighter.

Tomato juice can be applied on acne to dry it out, & it has been said that the citrus juices found in the fruit help to heal acne marks faster.  The juice can be applied to the face to lighten dark spots, or it can work to combat oil on the T-zone (across the skin above brows, down the nose, & on the chin.)  

Once the liquid is dry, it should be rinsed off gently with water.  Remember, never rub your skin.  It sags enough in old age; don't help it get there faster.  The natural acids in tomato keep the pH of your skin right on track, balance oily conditions, work wonders on enlarged pores, & help combat acne.

Skip this tip if you have dry or irritated skin.


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Wow! I'm going to try these hints using tomatoes! Really great information!

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