Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beauty Around The World

Can you guess the name of this nut?

Hint: It's great for the skin, celebrities love it, & it grows on a tree native to Morocco that can live up to 200 years!

If you guessed it was the Argan Nut, you're right!

For centuries, Argan oil has been pressed from these nuts & used as an aid for the skin & hair.  Did you know that this antioxidant oil is one of the rarest in the world?  Argan oil is a strong antioxidant, & it has a stable shelf life.

Model & actress, Josie Maran has even developed her own eco-friendly line of make up & skin care that emphasizes the use of this plant.

For skin, this oil is known to:

  • nourish & protect
  • moisturize dry skin
  • improve elasticity
  • help with eczema
  • treat psoriasis
  • heal acne
  • soothe sunburn
  • be an anti-inflammatory 

Argan oil is high in:
  • omega-9 oleic acid
  • omega-6 linoleic acid
  • vitamin e
  • polyphenols
I fell in love with Argan oil ffter buying a bottle at my local health store.  I use it before bed.  After cleansing, I blot this oil all over my face & neck.  If I have some left over, I rub in on my hands.  The effects are just lovely!