Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty Blunder 4: Men's Manicure

Anonymous said, "Do you think guys should apply nail polish when they finish their manicure?"

Answer: Awesome question!  I bet a lot of guys wonder about this, so bravo for stepping up & asking.  I think it's great that you have had or want to have a manicure.  A lot of men don't realize that women & men notice their hands, but that seems to be changing as more & more men are getting manicures.  As far as polish goes, if you want the edgy rocker look, ala Adam Lambert or David Beckham, polish could be the perfect accessory.  Black is very popular with this style.

If you live by the less-is-more motto, or you just want to have a neat look, a clear basecoat works.  If you try either of these looks & don't like it or feel uncomfortable, ask your nail technician (or you can do it for yourself) to use a nail buffer to buff a neat sheen on your nails.  It's still masculine, & it will make your hands look well groomed.  Thank you for the comment!

This is a nail buffer; you simply rub the soft part of the buffer onto the surface of your nail. That's it!


Mary said...

I'm not ready to see men with nail polish. The black on Halloween might be ok. It's just a feminine thing to me.