Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tips To Keep Your Hair Looking Great

Not everyone knows the importance of reading the ingredients label when shopping for products.  Frequently, celebrity endorsements & the marketing department's colorful packaging draw us to products that may or may not be worth all the hype.

Here are some tips to extend the life of processed hair:

Color-treated hair:  Mineral oil & Silicone are known strippers, & I'm not talking about the club.  Try to avoid products that list these at the top of the ingredient list.  You want to love your color long time, don't you?

Permed hair:  We always want what we can't have!  I used to want to wake up to curly tendrils every morning, & I almost got a perm but instead bought a curling iron, which is cheaper & gentler.  If you opt to get permanent waves at the salon, choose ammonium over sodium when shopping for cleansers.  Shampoos that contain keratin or wheat amino acids will work to strengthen hair fiber, which is damaged during the perming process.  If your hair is more easily tangled due to a perm, keep your eyes on the look out for silicones & dimethicone, which can make combing smoother.  If you see polyquaternium or resin when you check the label, keep in mind that those ingredients can weigh down your bouncy curls.

Brittle/Heat-Damaged hair:  The curly girls want straight hair, too!  If you love to iron more than your clothes, look for super moisturizing shampoos.  Glycerine, butylene glycol, aloe, chamomile, or jojoba are all good ingredients to have.  Betaine-based products are also good to pick up.  It's also important to protect your hair before ironing it.  Lots of lines contain serums & sprays that are specifically designed to keep the hair shaft safe during a heat treatment.  Also, see if you can keep your straight look for a couple of days, rather than washing & re-straightening it every day.  Your hair will thank you!


MK said...

How informative! Everyone wants their hair to look good. You have covered my category, color treated hair. I'll be checking that ingred. label. Thanks