Monday, January 14, 2013

5 Beauty Routines That Can Make You Look Older

On the quest to being our most beautiful selves, we can sometimes get carried away with practices that do the reverse of what we wantactually make us look older. Here are five beauty mistakes to avoid or, at best, reconsider before taking the plunge to Beauty Blunder status. Sure, some of these tips may actually work for you, but remember to give them some thought first.

1. Overexfoliating

It's one thing to keep the kitchen floor squeaky clean, but it's a whole different ball game when it comes to the skin. Overexfoliating the skin can damage the top layer of the skin and expose too much of the underlying layers, which will have the opposite effect you're looking for. In addition, overexfoliating can cause the surface of the skin to lose texture and appear shiny, even when there is minimal oil present.

When using scrubs, remember to use a gentle rolling method with your fingers rather than pressing and scraping against the top layer of skin. If your exfoliating practice involves the use of chemical products like Glycolic Acid, remember to follow the directions on the bottle or those given to you by your dermatologist or skincare specialist.

2. Incorrect Use of Concealer

Concealer can be our friend, ladies and gents, but it can also be that mean kid in the class snickering at the toilet paper stuck to your shoe. In short, concealer is meant to camouflage flaws, not draw attention to them. Using the wrong color concealer can throw off your look, causing you to look much older. Use a shade of concealer the same as your skin tone to hide imperfections without making them more obvious. A lighter concealer can be used to highlight areas of the face that you hope to give more attention.

3. Abusing Mattifying Powders

As we age, oil becomes a hard to come by commodity for the skin. That means the skin requires essential hydration through nourishing moisturizers. If you can't get enough of your favorite powders, do yourself a favor and invest in a quality setting spray with natural ingredients. This spray will give your skin a slightly dewy look without ruining the effects of the powder. Too much powder can draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention dry out the surface of the skin.

4. Lightening the Hair Too Much

Who wouldn't love to be a blonde bombshell? The thing about hair color is that it naturally becomes lighter as we age. It can seem difficult to strike the balance between looking younger and looking like you're trying to look younger. When tending to your hair, always consult a professional first to avoid making a mistake that will be difficult to impossible to correct. If you desire a lighter, brighter appearance, try getting highlights which will help blend the grays with your natural tone. For those with more noticeable roots, a double-process will first darken your roots and then highlights will be applied.

5. Wearing a Drab Wardrobe

The key to looking young is simply looking young. Choose fashions that are age appropriate but that don't leave a lot to be desired. Find fitted styles that show off your figure without revealing too much skin, which can make you appear to be wearing inappropriate clothing. Invest in staple wardrobe pieces, and always choose stylish items that look great and feel comfortable.

How do you keep your signature beauty and style looking fresh as you age?