Monday, July 7, 2008


She pouted her glossy lips at him, showing an outward display of discontent. He moved in closer, their bodies fighting the magnetic field drawing them together. This couldn't be!

He was her sister's fiance and above all, her future brother in law. Yes, brother. She wasn't supposed to have feelings like this for someone about to be called anything with the word brother in it. Blood or no blood, it wasn't right. But chemistry, and so much more, pulled them closer. And closer.

It could have been the shots, or maybe it was the high from the club; the two of them hailed a cab to her place. The only place where it was safe. An indiscretion, or maybe nothing would happen. No, something was going to happen. They knew it.

His hand reached over and grazed her exposed knee. She pretended not to notice, but inside she was aching. His charming way, fashionable smile, and those intense eyes. She dreamt of him taking her up against the wall in the bedroom where they'd first met.

She was looking for her sister. Unaware that her sister was dating anyone, she used the spare key from under the welcome mat, to unlock the door. She quiety tiptoed on the hardwood floor to the bedroom to pay a surprise visit to her "sleeping" sister.

He was there, grabbing a crisp white tank top to cover those perfect abs. It was lust at first sight. Introductions were made, and both seemed let down by the notion of who exactly the other was. Off limits. But not tonight. Something was taking over.

It didn't take long before they both got started. In the hallway she fidgeted with the keys to find the one she needed. He fidgeted with his belt and then up her skirt. The door flew open finally. Her purse went crashing to the floor, knocking over the coat hanger that once stood so peacefully.

A trail of clothes and loud moaning led the way to her bedroom. The room was hot with passion and the two of them in the throws. His pulsating arms, glistened with sweat over her. She was in heaven. She'd wanted this moment to happen for so long, and it was finally here. He was inside, giving her the best sex she'd ever had, and then it happened.


Anonymous said...

and then it happened... Her alarm went of and she woke up with a frustrated groan, and reflected that without limits, self-imposed or otherwise, life becomes a series of brief, exciting interludes slipped in between painful stretches of backstabbing and loss. And resolved to find a way to enjoy a satisfying, thrill-filled life within the realm of societal norms.