Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amazing Product Alert: Rose Petal & Red Bush Shea Butter Face Cream

Okay, so summer has been kind of tough on my naturally oily skin these last few years. Being a Jersey girl, we tend to all go for that overly tan, constantly on the beach look. My skin has suffered a bit, but I don't want to go through life looking at my lack of sunscreen mistakes everyday in the mirror. Even if you have an annoying pimple or a dullness to your complexion, I have found this product to work miracles on all of the above.

Sheaterra organics has created this antiaging, beautiful smelling, 99% natural formula that works like no other, actually reversing the signs of aging. I typically rinse my face before bed and slather it on, keeping away from my eyes, of course. In the morning I emerge with a radiant complexion. I am so grateful to have found this cream to go along with my whole arsenal of natural products!

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