Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ray of Light

These past few mornings have been exceptionally good for me. I love waking up in my most comfortable bed with my dear ones (all my pets) sprawled around the room catching zzzs. The sun peaks through my window, gently nudging me from sleep, to a room that I have created and love. I get out and put some relaxing classical music on and say good morning to my babes, then I pull back my grecian style curtains, revealing the new day. I write down my dreams, make my bed, and light some incense, saying a blessing as I go around the room. I love to start the day this way. Ultimately, I want to work in some yoga time and meditation as well, but today was just perfect as it was. I am so grateful and thankful to be at this place of peace within my space.

The sun will be moving into my sign of virgo soon, and that means another year older. The big twenty-two! At times I don't want to get older, but other times I am happy to mature and continue on the journey of spiritual growth and maturity. Two things that I want to achieve this year, well let's make it three, are: 1. Attending a Deepak Chopra Seminar 2. Going to Europe and 3. Getting into NYU! I know the cards will fall where they may, and it is how it should be. I have faith that the universe will bring me all I ask for and more greatness! Yay!!!!