Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roadside Manners

It was one of those late afternoons, where the sun stares you straight in the face and dares you to continue driving over the glare. Monica and Sonia blasted "Break on Through to the other Side" on the radio, over the whipping of the wind, and continued on towards the pink and purple sky. Long stretches of road reaching out for miles, and not a single car was in sight. Nothing but woods and the occasional road kill lined the sides of the empty highway.

“Want to play a game?” Sonia yelled over the radio.

“Sure, but I’d like to keep my eardrums intact while doing so. You know for at least the next couple of miles,” she smiled while lowering the radio.

Rolling her eyes, Sonia kept her focus on the road and shook her head. Her brown sunglasses gleamed from the bright sunlight. Monica popped out her spongy earplugs and placed them neatly in their carrying case with a click.

“Okay, Grandma, lets play I spy,” Sonia teased, loosening her neck scarf and grabbing a chip from the almost empty bag. The driver’s seat was covered in crumbs and salt particles. She crunched on the chip and licked her manicured fingers clean, one by one and then smiled in the rearview mirror checking her teeth and noticing the slue of garbage in the back seat.

“Ugh, we’re total pigs,” she said.

Looking down at her single water bottle nestled perfectly inside her purse, Monica peered out at the thick forest of trees and shrugged. She figured Sonia was only referring to herself and her imaginary friends, nothing new. There isn’t much to spy going one-hundred miles per hour, she thought. She waited for a moment, and when Sonia didn’t begin she did.

“I spy with my blue eyes,” she said blinking seductively at Sonia,” something green.”

"Wow, Mon, very original!” Sonia laughed and did a one-handed clap on her thigh.
" How the Hell are we going to keep ourselves entertained on this trip, if we can’t even get through a game of I spy?” she said reaching for her c.d. case in the backseat.

“Sonia , let me..” Monica grabbed the wheel instead as her wild friend lifted her torso off of the seat and reached to the back of the car for the case.

“Honestly, do you drive like this when you’re alone?” Monica asked.
“I sure hope you don’t because it’s incredibly dangerous, and I’m not just saying that because I worry.”

“Okay, Mom. Just do me a solid and hold the wheel while I pick something,” Sonia commanded with sarcasm.

As Monica continued steering anxiously from the passenger’s seat, Sonia flipped through her book of discs. Occasionally, she’d throw an old c.d. out of the window while cursing an ex boyfriend. Monica flinched each time, turning her head away and mumbling something about the environment. Sonia pretended not to notice, but smirked each time she found a new c.d. to throw.

The sun turned a solid orange hue as it slipped beneath the horizon line. The girls’ navigation system directed them to a gas station and rest stop along the way. They stirred in their chairs and recollected how many miles each had driven, both anticipating the moment their legs could stretch on land.

“In eight yards, stay in the right lane, and then take the motorway,” the British navigation’s voice directed. The girls immitated the voice they'd clearly heard for a long time.

“I’m really kind of happy we’re doing this Sonia,” Monica said while looking down and rubbing the water stain on her jeans.

“Even though, we’re so different… I guess all I’m trying to say is that it’s nice,” she continued yawning loudly.

Sonia jumped with surprise, and Monica realized that she’d been drifting to sleep at the wheel. Both girls looked at the time, and decided that twelve hours would be enough driving for one day. After all, it was already nine o’clock, and this was the perfect time to get settled in for the night. They turned off of the highway and onto an even quieter road. One light ahead assumed the position of the rest area situated amongst nothing but dirt road. Finally, the girls pulled into the nearly empty parking lot.

"Shits and Giggles?" Sonia questioned the motel's choice of name.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Monica peered at the sign in disbelief.

"Well after driving for twelve hours, I could use a little of both," Sonia muttered to herself.

"Ugh, Sonia!!!" Monica imagined the small one-bedroom space they'd be sharing and was already uncomfortable.