Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It seems I completely missed my own birthday. It's been one year and two days since I started "An Unconventionalist's Truth," and I'm so happy I did. Throughout this year I've had a lot of life changes take place. For one, I've embraced the writer within and am now on a solid path in that direction, instead of chiropractic. In the beginning of this journey, I was a bit confused and uncertain of what the future had in store for me. I now know... it's writing!

I've also met new people through a writing community at school (shout out to S and L!) I love you girls, and I know that your talents will take you far! I've also grown even more in love with my significant other, my family, and the babies (my dog, cats, and bunny.)

Working at the doctor's office has taught me that there are decent people out there that do business honestly and straighforwardly- which is a huge discovery I needed to learn after hearing my father ramble almost everyday after work about the unfairness he was facing, and after my own brushes with insincere money hungry salon types. There are genuine people out there. Thank God.

School has been great. I feel like I'm finally back to my old self, even if that self sat on the shelf for quite a few years. I've graduated, and I'm now going onto the next step on my unfolding journey a little happier, wiser, and more open to the possibilities than ever before.

So glad for my family, friends, and followers. It's great getting feedback on here and being able to reach others with what I think and how I feel. I'm pretty sure it will only get better!

Thanks xO!


Kateorade said...

happy birthday blog! it's funny you posted this today cause it's my mom's birthday too haha.

Lisa Christina said...

I'm so glad we met! You are so talented and I know you'll zoom right through school! I miss you girl! Let's hang out asap!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! May God continue to bless you and those you love always. Wishing you peace, love, joy, good health, success, and much happiness in the year ahead and always!!!Happy Birthday!!Love you,