Monday, June 29, 2009

Energizer Bunny

This past week I've been going going gone! I'm doing double duty time as mommy for my little bundle of joy Bisi. He's got a vet appointment tomorrow morning... Third one this week!

A calcium stone is stuck in his urethra, and we're hoping that he's been able to push it out with his pee pee flow. The vet broke the stone into two or three pieces on Saturday, and now we're going to see if its gone. If not, then he's going to have to perform a surgery to remove the stone.

I never knew that calcium could cause such a problem in animals. Life has been very eventful for us these past days, and hopefully the stones have rolled along like they should. In the meantime, Bisi has been fed around the clock with celery, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, and arugala. He's on three medications to prevent infection, get his GI tract moving, and keep down inflammation. I'm also feeding him (via syringe) some very special apple/banana flavored meal supplement. He loves it, and I love him!

Bisi is going in for surgery tomorrow morning. He was supposed to go in this morning, but our vet had some car trouble to say the least. Bisi's on another medicine to control the discomfort, and tomorrow- finally- this will all be behind us! Onward and Upward :D
xoxo To all the little baby animals we humans care for. They really make life a happier place :) More news to come on my special little guy...