Monday, November 16, 2009

She's Got Nuts

Today I took a trip to one of Boston's old graveyards to take some pictures. Two of the roomies were in tow, of course. I try not to venture off too far by myself after having once been cursed and oogled at by a greasy bookstore customer. That was a fun experience. I've also been yelled at by a taxi-cab driver who told me, "Please, just get out of my car!" It's no fun being thrown curbside just because your fare isn't ridiculously expensive. So, back to the happy story.

We analyzed the old graves and took note of the chiseled skeleton pictures on the stones and pre-1900 dates. It was kind of eerie stomping through the piles of brown leaves that had fallen in weeks past. Happy squirrels scurried along the ground close by. Knowing my love and appreciation for animals, I had to help them out. I had no idea how close they'd actually come up to me!

Near an old stone I gathered some acorns in my hand. I figured I'd appeal to their stomachs and senses, so I made some clucking noises. They were the same ones I make for my bunny back home. The response was amazing. Running full force at me was the herd of silver furry-tailed feinds. I tossed the acorns one by one, to which they each happily gathered them and began the feast. I watched, feeling as if I almost just fed them out of the palm of my hand. Almost.

One acorn left to go, and I reverted back to clucking to the last little furball. He bounded to me, like my very own toy sized puppy. I felt for a moment like I'd love to just sit there, arms wide open, and hug him, if only he wouldn't be too shy and halt a few feet away from me. Oh, was I wrong. He didn't stop. This squirrel had nuts, and he was after mine! He continued running full-speed ahead, until he was just inches away from my feet, causing me to jump back quickly and hurl the forbidden seed out of my hand. "Here!" I said flinging it to him. "Did you see that?" I asked my friends.

"Jesus, Sara!" they yelled throwing me a look usually reserved for me by those older than myself. "The thing probably had rabies."

I thought back to my younger years. Stray cats, scratches, and strange behavior... It wouldn't be the first time.


vampy_couture said...

Hahaha!! You and the animals I swear I don't know how you communicate.. Ceasar Milan better watch his ass.

Sariana said...

Hahaha I'm such a sucker for furry creatures :D