Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Natural Bad Breath Fix

Would your breath offend this cat?

Women in Zimbabwe know an all natural secret to fresh breath, & it doesn't involve brushing your teeth or scraping your tongue.  However, those two things should definitely be a regular part of your daily routine!
Do you know the name of this plant?
Hint: It tastes like toothpaste.

Answer: Mint.  This is what women in Africa have been using for years to freshen their breath.  The leaves are full of fresh mint oil for your chewing pleasure.  You can purchase a mint plant from plant shop or grocery store, & stop stinking it up, ladies & gentlemen!

An alternative is parsley garnish, which comes out on your plate at a restaurant.

Who's got bad breath now, huh?


MK said...

So cute! Like the info too.