Monday, April 4, 2011

Beauty Trick: Lips to Cheeks

Have lipstick that's too bright for your lips?

Find out how to re-purpose your lip color.
If your lipstick is a shade of orange, red, or pink, you can easily turn it into blush.

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks stellar with a touch of orange on her cheeks.

  • Buy or reuse an empty lip gloss sized pot
  • Fill it partially with face cream
  • Swipe your finger 3X over the top of your lipstick
  • Scrape the color from your finger into the pot
  • Use a small brush to mix lipstick & face cream
  • Add more lipstick or cream, depending on your desired color
You now have a new shade of cream blush!  It feels good when you save $$$.


Meg Scully said...

Do red shades of lipstick really fade out your tan?

Sariana said...

Hey Meg,
It would have to depend on the undertone present in the red lipstick. Orange-reds go great with a tan and can really make it stand out. Dark reds or reds with blue undertones (think berry colors) are more likely to de-emphasize a sun-kissed complexion. Hope this helps!

vampy_couture said...

I love love love this idea since I'm always running myself low on cash every week buying ridiculous amounts of makeup that "i need" haha PS I think Sarah Michelle is probably the only woman on planet Earth who looks good with an orange tone on her cheeks. Like really? What the hell do I have to do to get away with such things?!

Carmen said...

That is such a great idea! I always knew about putting a dab of
lipstick on my cheeks for blush but
never thought to mix it with face cream. That will make it so much easier to apply.

Sariana said...

Vampy, you crack me up! I definitely know how it feels to break the bank on makeup. SMG is so pretty, but I'm sure there's an orange out there for you! Experiment with a bunch of different shades and you might fall in love..

Carmen, I'm happy this post helped. Now you have another trick to store up your sleeve when it comes to beauty!