Monday, April 4, 2011

Style Trend: Hoops

In New Jersey a good pair of hoops is essential.

Christina Aguilera, new judge/coach on "The Voice" sets off her flawless makeup & bleached-to-perfection pulled back hair with a touch of gold.  I think she looks divine.

Rihanna rocks spiral curls with her hoops and simple top.

Jennifer Lopez, a frequent hoop wearer, keeps her makeup simple and contrasts silver circles with her warm colored hair & skin.

Chelsea Handler's smooth locks are accentuated with a smaller pair.

Kim looks fresh faced with her sleek, pulled back hair, silver makeup, & thick "blinged out" silver hoops.

Alicia Key's wears edgy hair with her oversized, thin hoops.

There are hoops in every color, size, and style, so get your sexy on!