Sunday, May 1, 2011

Style Trend for Spring 2011

The fashion show at my local Nordstrom department store was so good. Representatives from a number of companies came to talk about new products and the hottest trends in fashion.

There was one color that had the most impact on the runway; can you guess which one it was?

If you said Orange, you're right.

This bold, fresh, usually associated with fall, color came in waves on the runway. The shade reminded me of salmon, but with more of a tangerine base. Gorgeous and vibrant, this color works well on all skin tones, and it looks beautiful paired with bright eye makeup and crisp, white accessories.

Check out these looks I found at

Alberto Makali Beaded Sleeveless Tunic 




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What do you think of this color for spring?


Mary said...

I guessed it!! I have always loved orange, all shades of it!! It is a color that is attractive! I remember having a couple of bathing suits that were a nice shade of orange a couple of years ago.