Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Scaping: A Male Perspective on Back Waxing

You're going to love this if you're a guy, and if you're a girl, this should prove to be quite entertaining. A reader,  we'll call him Sam, sent in a personal testimony of his first time getting a waxing treatment on his back hair. Everyone remembers the hilarious scene in The 40-Year Old Virgin when Steve Carell gets his chest waxed in painful patches. 

Well our reader's post is honest and engaging, and it's a great way for male fans of The Beauty Blunder Blog to learn what they could possibly expect when heading to the salon for hair removal. Enjoy!

I hated my back hair. It wasn't too thick, and there wasn't that much of it, but it annoyed me. No one on TV has back hair, ever notice that? But how often do you hear about guys waxing their backs? Well, I heard my friend mention it the other day, and honestly it was something I was planning to do for a long time. So, I decided to walk into a spa and get it done.

This was my first time in a spa, so I was pretty nervous. Getting a massage is weird enough the first time, but asking to get your back waxed? Yea that's pretty awkward. Luckily the woman at the desk had an English accent which instantly made me feel more confortable. I know... how does that even make sense? Anyway, she said her husband gets it done all the time. She said it would hurt. I have to be honest, I was a little scared, but also a little excited.
The receptionist led me to the back and showed me around the men's locker room. It was pretty sweet. I got to wear a comfortable robe and sit around in a hot tub for twenty minutes. I then went into the waiting room. It was nicely decorated, and there was cold water, hot tea, and an awesome berry/nut/chocolate snack mix. I could get used to this!
The (waxer?) then walked in and introduced herself. Of course she had to be one of the most attractive women I've ever seen. I went to the other room and laid down on the table. The technician was actually easy to talk to, so I was no longer nervous. She put some hot wax on then RIIIIP! It actually didn't hurt too much. The whole treatment took about 40 minutes. When I was done I went back in the locker room to check it out. My back looked awesome! It was smooth and clean and muscular. I would recommend it to anyone.
I of course never asked how much it cost, but at this point I didn't really care. In the end, it was practically painless, looked good, and I had an awesome time in the hot tub. Surprisingly, it was about $80 after tip, which I thought was reasonable because this was a fancy hotel med-spa. 
Funny enough, the male attendant followed me out and asked if I wanted to get coffee. I guess he thought I was gay because I got my back waxed, or maybe he was just being friendly!
I was flattered, but quickly ran away.
If you're a dude trying to look good for the summer, wax it up!

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Did this make you change your mind about waxing? Would you dare to tear your hair? Share below :)


Reena said...

I don't like hairy chests and back hair. lol... this is such an interesting article. Just because you had your back hair waxed doesn't mean that you are gay. ;)

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