Friday, September 5, 2008


Of all the fish in the sea
You were the most special to me
Long red beautiful fins
And the way that you'd swim
It all came so naturally

You would sit in your castle
So radiant you dazzled
Stop dead in slow motion
Like a sip of love potion
Your eyes met mine happily

Oh Romeo
Meet your heavenly glow
Time has been great
Though the hands of fate
Decided your time to go

I love you my dear
In my heart you are near
Be free from pain
Your soul shall remain
Always and ever, don't fear

Romeo I miss you my baby! You were so strong and a true fighter living up to your name. I hope you are at peace and content. You had an amazing soul for a little betta fish. A stand out personality, that touched my heart. Be free to roam the oceans of limitless bounds... Make rest on the beautiful bridges and rule the castles of your heaven forever!

Beloved Betta Fish


Anonymous said...

I read your tribute to Romeo and it brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful poem that really brought him back to me for a few moments. He was a beautiful, strong, sweet fish with a charming personality. I can see him in his castle looking out at me when I close my eyes. He will continue to live on in our hearts. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem for a beautiful brave fish.