Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

I feel like I'm carrying about 200 pounds of extra baggage on my neck. If this was me a few years back I would have broken down a long time ago. All I can do is clean house- of the emotional and physical blocks- and gather myself.

Today I am devoted to clearing the clutter around me and finding some clarity...

Earth Monster

Piles of papers, never
ending linen fibers reproduce
so quickly

that while I'm filing away,
the beast in the
other room grows stronger.

An animal made from colors,
pictures, and every word.
You couldn't imagine. It knows

no boundaries. "Improve
your credit score," it's hands
scream. Reaching. Closer.

"You've been accepted!" It lunges
forward, and I push it away- BACK!
to where it was conceived, on an

empty red rug from the seventies.
I can not deal with its magnitude,
so I grab it at the knees and tear

its life away. One by one, limb
by limb. How is it that we are cursed
with man-made mountains of dead trees?


Lisa Christina said...

this is great. the last line is by far my favorite. if i interpreted it correctly, you're talking about college right? you have a way with words =)

Kateorade said...

your writing just gets better and better everytime!!! keep it up sara!