Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Letting it Flow, Saying Hello, and Letting Go

I once got an email that talked about friendship and about having friends for reasons, seasons, or lifetimes. Basically it said that people come into your life because you need them. Whether they come for a short time or for a very long time, each one is there to help you in some way or to teach you something you need to learn. A psychic once told me about the author Wayne Dyer and how he changed his whole outlook on life based on this principle. Google him.

I've really started to see how true this is. Not every person we come in contact with is meant to have some lifelong purpose to us. Just imagine all of the people you might touch in your everyday interactions and all of those who touch you. Sometimes it's the guy who holds the door open when you're having a bad day. He's there for a reason. Other times it's the cute girl in class who gives you a few good laughs during the semester. She's there for the season.

Whatever reason, season, or lifetime people are in your life, you should always know they're there because you need them, and once your needs are met, it's okay if they go. I'm working on my own letting go of people. Sometimes I take too much for granted, but I'm learning that saying goodbye is just as natural a part of life as saying hello.


Lisa Christina said...

let's be lifetime friends, please? =]

Sariana said...

I'm down!!