Saturday, August 1, 2009

Any Last Words?

My last day of work was nice. We all went out for hibachi, which I love, but came back reeking of garlic! It wasn't too bad, though. At least the food didn't make us all gassy or anything. That would have sucked for the patients.

I began mentally packing my bags, before the shift was over, and I realized that I was missing quite a bit for my trip, so after work I hauled ass to the mall and quickly changed my mind and went to Target instead. Needless to say, there was a reason for my instinctual mall idea. Target had nothing. I left with gummy snacks and sunscreen, and that was it.

Once again, in lieu of going to the mall alone, I went to Whole Foods where I picked up more sunblock. I must have about six squeeze bottles right now. I also drove over to Pacific Sunwear (I think I've outgrown them) and Kohls (Halleluja.) I bought two cute dresses at Kohls and a toe ring. I'm still in big need of swimwear, so really I should be taking a shower and finally going to the damn mall, but instead I'm catching up with you! Ha.

I just looked at the clock, and I've been seeing my birthday more often than usual. Strange. Definitely a reminder that August will be here before we know it. In less than 24 hrs. to be exact. Okay, I'm off to shower and then to the mall where I will undoubtedly use the law of attraction to get a good parking spot. Beam me in... Cruise here I come!


Lisa Christina said...

lovin the law of attraction! hope you're having an awesome time on your cruise! i'm so jealous! if anything weird happens you have to let me know. oooooh the triangle! so mysterious! <3